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YTBB Interview: With St. Petersburg Business Broker Robert Cemovich

We are starting a new interview series covering everything business in the Tampa Bay area. Today we are happy to start off this series with none other than Robert Cemovich. Robert is a St. Petersburg based business broker and owner of Cemo Business. He has years of business experience both nationally and internationally, in addition, he brings a highly respected educational background.

Robert is an agent of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Clearwater and utilizes this relationship to expand his reach for investors and business owners alike. All of us here at YTBB are excited to learn more about Cemo Business and can’t wait to share that information with all of you.

So, with all that being said…let’s start this interview and turn things over to Robert.

Q: What Is Your Background?

Robert Cemovich: I have been fortunate enough to have gained a variety of experience over the past 30 years, working as a commercial banker, business lawyer, and management consultant. I spent a lot of time in school, obtaining my bachelors in marketing, then focusing on my MBA, and eventually completed my studies with a law degree.

This all lead me to Florida, where I have operated two successful businesses and then focused my sites on a career in business brokerage.

Q: Why Did You Decide To Become A Business Broker?

Robert Cemovich: Honestly, it just happened. My work as an attorney lead to me overseeing many transactions and mergers in either the contract or due diligence stages. So, I had an idea of what it took to be a business broker and to be honest I saw how lucrative the industry could be.

I moved to Downtown St. Petersburg and decided it was time to change more than my address. This eventually turned into me finding the opportunity with Sunbelt and I ran with it. I have loved this industry and got kind of lucky to be honest. The Tampa Bay area is a huge market for buying and selling businesses. I can’t ignore the fact that this benefited me greatly.

Q: What Does Cemo Business Do?

Robert Cemovich: Cemo Business is really my personal brand. I have put in a lot of work towards growing my influence within the business broker industry. I am not an independent brokerage but instead I use this company as an extension of my work with Sunbelt. I look at it as another pole in the water so to speak, it gives me more opportunities to attract business owners looking to sell or investors looking to buy.

In addition, I do provide exit strategy planning and business consulting services, but if I am being honest those are just extensions of my sales cycle. My goal is to help small business owners no matter what stage of ownership they are in. So, if I can help someone put an exit strategy together it most likely means their business will grow. Then when they decide to carry out their exit I hopefully will have the privilege of selling their company.

This is at least the idea, to provide value no matter what the owner’s goal is, and if I do my job well, a relationship is built that will lead to more business down the road.

Q: What Should Owners Know Before Selling Their Business?

Robert Cemovich: That investors don’t pay for sentimental value. Your business’s valuation is based off of real tangible numbers and you may not like the number but unfortunately you don’t dictate the market. So, just make sure that you are ready to deal with this before you list your company for sale. I can’t tell you how often owners have second thoughts or want to raise the asking price, and to be honest that is completely normal.

But, it does delay a lot of transactions, which is why I think it should be the first thing a small business owner considers before listing. If you still feel like you are adding value that isn’t easily proven in asset statements and financial documents, then you should consider waiting to sell your business.

Q: What Advice Do You Have For Business Owners In Tampa?

Robert Cemovich: Stay flexible. I think that the modern business environment requires an owner to be light on their feet. You have to be able to wear a lot of hats and be able to change direction on a moments notice. The benefits of technology also require a commitment to being uncommitted.

Not in your goals but in the sense that things change, platforms algorithms adjust overnight, technology changes so fast, and a small business owner just needs to be in a position of readiness at all times. Be ready to adjust on the fly and always have multiple sources of leads, revenue, etc.


Well that’s a wrap. We hope that you enjoyed this interview with Robert Cemovich and would like to thank him for taking the time to share some knowledge with us. Here at Your Tampa Business Brokers we are determined to put out more of these interviews and hope that the community finds value in them.

If you would like to learn more about us or you have any business related questions, please reach out to us! Visit our contact page to submit an inquiry.

Thank you for reading!

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